Write your email here or select a pre-written one from the box on the right - you can change it to make it more personal. Remember - it's ANONYMOUS so say what you really want to say. And have fun!

Step #1: Who's getting the email?

Enter the email address of the recipient (who's going to get the email?).

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Step #2: Who's going to get the replies?

Concentrate here. Who's going to get the replies to the email? This could be your email address or the email address of a friend/boss etc. Think about this - you can send an email to your boss calling them a 'wanker' and if they reply - the reply could go to your colleague - and no-one will have a clue who sent the original email! Leave this blank if you don't want replies.

Replies go to:

Step #3: The email subject

Enter the email subject such as Oi! Wanker!

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Step #4: Now you can write your message!

Write your message here - remember that it's anonymous - say what you want!


Step #5: Send it!

You are now ready to send your wanker their e-mail! Enter the 2 words shown into the box below (to stop spam) and then click on the SEND EMAIL button below. If you want to clear the form and start all over, press the CLEAR FORM buttom. If you can't read the words below then click on the to get some new ones.