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00 Zoella Assets
Great Email you wanker.....
Go back to Newcastle and watch Tottenham players win England Euro 2016
Can you hurry up and install the new printers please!!!!!
0 Jun 13 '16
08:09 am

41 zits
You need to squeeze those two big blackheads on your forehead you know the ones between your eyes I seen those and it grossed me out (yuck)other then that I guess you are pretty
0 Nov 24 '07
02:15 pm

00 Yuck!
Love your wedding photo on the internet, your man, looks good there now he looks like he is 65 and ready for retirement. What happened to him. He doesn't age well. I guess when you lie and cheat, and
0 Feb 12 '15
06:38 am

00 yousexy man
you big fucking tool - call yourself a manager and you can't be fucking bothered to contact any of us team leaders - tosser
0 May 12 '14
01:42 pm

00 Youre fit
Hi hun.
Sexy beast you.
I dont like men who drink too much
0 Jun 22 '16
02:57 pm

21 Youre a pig
Just wanted to let you know you are a filty, disgusting, foul mouthed nasty pig.
0 Dec 12 '08
05:32 pm

21 your're so hot !!!
hello...your so hot...lets rumble
0 Nov 24 '07
02:06 pm

12 your x
you know your x husband is the best fuck I have ever had vivian . I bet you miss him well, too bad cause i got him now. you old thang!! bet, your puss doesn't even get wet anymore. and he is eating my
0 Nov 24 '07
02:03 pm

51 Your Wife
I am going to get your wife. and Make her feel like a real women. You couldn't do it and don't seem to want her. She is sexy, great body and knows how to use it all. She walks in a room and every man
0 Dec 19 '14
04:13 pm

00 Your Wife
Ask your wife who the Young guy is that keeps coming over. She is twice his age. I guess you couldn't keep her happy.
0 Jan 02 '15
07:52 am

00 your wankers
your all wankers all of you
0 Mar 22 '10
12:36 pm

21 Your Torago
Just to let you know you are a dil do and you are a gayboy.And that you are the gayest of gays
0 Nov 24 '07
02:00 pm

00 Your such a toss pot
Hey Graham did I tell you but your such a toss pot
0 Mar 31 '11
07:07 am

00 your so called boy friend shaun
i dont know if you really know about shaun being kicked off A4E scheme for not tell A4E them that he was going away for the week and also he asked dereks mum 4 money to go away with becau
0 May 19 '09
02:10 pm

00 your singel coz
your singel coz your an ugly fat short arse cow and a whore slag and a lieing fucking cheat and a user bitch go and die bitch
0 Jul 01 '09
01:12 pm

51 Your retirement notice
Hurry up and retire you useless, smug, smarmy, supercilious CUNT before you make any more vulnerable patients worse than they were to begin with. And let me remind you that football is the most borin
0 Oct 21 '09
04:12 pm

52 Your retirement notice
Roy, you have the uncanny ability to talk for hours and not utter a single useful comment. If you haven't already I suggest you step down and spare your future career-seekers anymore of that irreleva
0 Oct 21 '09
04:38 pm

00 Your Personality Test
Tick the boxes that best describe you:
1) A big silly goggle-eyed twat with a mouth larger than the channel tunnel
2) Simply LOVE the sound of your own voice owing to chronic verbal diarrhea
0 Mar 21 '10
05:57 pm

41 Your order
Hi Bicky, thanks again for your order for from The Bristol adult sex store, I am writing to let you know that your item (s) will be with you on Monday the 10th of February between the times of 9am and
0 Feb 09 '14
03:18 pm

00 Your mott is cheating.
Howiya, your bird is cheating on ya, everyone knows about it.
0 Feb 25 '13
02:57 pm